Parking in Vienna

In the center of the city and its surrounding districts (districts 1 - 9 and 20) from 9:00 am to 10:00 pm on all workdays, all parking places are short-term and require a fee. District 15 around the Vienna Stadthalle is a limited parking zone every day between 6:00 and 11:00 pm (maximum parking duration in limited parking zones: 2 hours).In limited parking zones you need a parking ticket behind the windshield – starting the first minute of parking. The signs indicating the short stay parking zones are only posted where you enter these districts .In shopping streets it is necessary to watch for signs indicating exceptions to days on which zones apply and maximum length of stay.

Please ask at the reception for an all-day parking permit. It is advisable to ask your hotel prior to your arrival where you can park your car. Ask for a free 10-minute parking permit to be given to you for unloading your baggage. Please fill it out and place it behind your windscreen BEFORE getting out. Car-parking slips are available at most tobacco shops, at many cigarette vending machines and gas stations, at the ticket booths of the Vienna Public Transport System as well as at all underground ticket vending machines. Please fill out the slips entirely. If you use more than one parking permit, fill in the same date and time on each
The 10-minute parking permit cannot be used in combination with other permits.





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